Monday, June 6, 2016

Recap of Regional Meeting, 05-21-2016

Mary Kay sent me the minutes from the most recent regional meeting; it looks like a lovely time.  There's some useful information included so please take a read through!

Kansas City Area Regional Meeting Minutes
May 21, 2016

11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Johnson County Central Library

1.    Short business meeting
a.    Reminder to be working on pieces to enter into the “Our Changing Landscape” regional exhibit.
                                          i.    Entry date: February 1-28, 2017
                                        ii.    Size: min 24” to max 48” for height and width (can be portrait or landscape orientation)
                                       iii.    More information at
b.    LVAC Exhibit committee:
Karen Hansen - Co-Curator
Mary Kay Fosnacht - Co-Curator, Advertising and Marketing materials
Cynthia Parry - Reception 
Cindy Brendzel - Information Book 
Carol Jones - Juror selection 
Shannon Conley – Marketing
Carmen Rinehart, Jackie Stoaks, Marney Clausen and Ada Niedenthal – Committee members
c.    To join a second SAQA region – go to members, manage your account, update contact information. Scroll down to “Details below apply to SAQA members only” – see region and “region 2”, select your second region from the drop down menu. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to save your selection.
d.    KCRQF 2017 (Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival) – SAQA approved a booth, Linda Frost will coordinate volunteers. Show dates are June 15-17, 2017. It was suggested that we put out a challenge to use different techniques to create pieces that would be appx. 8-1/2 x 10” to decorate the booth.
e.    News or exhibits
                                          i.    Holly ? at Studio 63 (corner of Oak and Gregory in KCK) until May 28, 2016 – all pieces are in the window.
                                        ii.    “Wild Fabrications” traveling exhibit will be at the Spiva Center in Joplin from July 16 through September 4, 2016
                                       iii.    Dora Agbas, fiber artist, showing at All Souls Unitarian Church 4501 Walnut, KC, MO. May 22 – June 20, 2016
                                       iv.    FAO – Fiber Artists of Oklahoma exhibit in Oklahoma City, July 15 – Sept 3, 2016 at the Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery. More info here:
                                        v.    SAQA National Conference will be in Lincoln NE Apr. 27-30, 2017
f.     Next meeting date August 20th
                                          i.    Topic – it was suggested that we contact Golden Products to come do product demonstrations. Karen and Mary Kay will follow up.
                                        ii.    Another suggestion was to car-pool down to see the exhibit in Joplin.
                                       iii.    The October meeting will focus on how to use the online registration system for the 2017 regional exhibit.

2.    Show and Tell
a.    Andrea Luliak brought many pieces illustrating different techniques such as: potato paste resist, tissue paper fabric, fabric from yarns and threads, rusted fabric, lutrador – painted and melted, etc.
b.    Karen Hansen showed her auction quilt.
c.    Mary Kay Fosnacht showed a piece that is dye-painted with Derwent Inktense pencils and sticks.

3.    Presentation by Andrea Luliak on tissue paper fabric. Andrea demonstrated 3 different methods of applying paper to fabric. She had many samples illustrating how these fabrics could be used. Andrea recommended the book, Mixed Media by Beryl Taylor. The 3 methods are outlined below:
a.    Fusible #1
Take a piece of muslin onto which you apply an ironed-on fusible such as Heat N Bond or Wonder Under.   Take the paper off and crumple up a piece of tissue paper; smooth out, leaving most of the folds in the paper and apply it to the fusible.  Press, do not iron smooth.  You have a textured surface you can use to paint, stamp, stencil, etc.  If you aren't aiming for texture, then you can apply several torn pieces of any kind of paper to the fusible and press using a piece of parchment paper.  Onto that surface you can stamp, paint, stencil, etc.

b.    Fusible #2
With this method you use a sheet of Steam a Seam 2.  You simply take the paper off one side of the fusible and arrange several pieces of different papers onto the sticky side of the fusible.  The papers will adhere until you can iron them on, so you really don't need an iron to start the process, it can be ironed at home.  The entire sheet of SAS must be covered with papers, then when ironed down you can embellish or stitch on the top of the papers and you can adhere the other side of the fusible to any fabric or stabilizer of your choice.

c.    Fusible #3

Start with a piece of muslin placed on some protective surface (plastic).  You apply a thin coat of a 50/50 solution of PVA or Elmer's glue and water.  While still wet, apply decorated papers, napkins, tissue paper, phone book paper, dress pattern paper to the surface, leaving some areas of the muslin bare.  Apply another thin coat of glue/water solution to the top of that layer.  And while still wet you can cover the surface with a watered down layer of acrylic paint, transparent paint or watercolor.  When dry, the "paper" is suitable for machine sewing, hand sewing, etc, because of the muslin backing.  

And all posts are better with pictures, so here are some she shared from the meetup!

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