Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August 19, 2017 Regional Meeting Minutes

Studio Art Quilt Associates
Meeting Minutes for August 19, 2017
87th Street Central Library, Overland Park, KS

Welcome and introductions:  Cindy Brendzel and Cindy Parry are the new KS/MO/OK Regional Reps.  There were 14 members attending, including one visitor and two new members!  Welcome Karen Moore and Jane Bromberg

We re-capped the ‘Changing Landscapes’ exhibit at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  Everyone agreed it was a show to be proud of. Leedy-Voulkos is interested in having us back in 2019.  They are in the process of making some internal changes, so we agreed to follow up with them in writing to confirm the June and July slot in 2019.  Cindy B will follow up.

There are 21 artists and 32 pieces representing the KS/MO/OK Region. Those artists have already been notified of the exhibit moving to the Gallery of Art and Design at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO.  The exhibit will be there January 8, through February 3, 2018. Another opportunity for everyone to see it.  

Many thanks to Mary Kay Fosnacht and Karen Hanson for their excellent work in leading the KS/MO/OK Region for the past 2 years, and especially  their efforts on the ‘Changing Landscapes’ exhibit. Everything went smoothly.

Cindy P read a report from Linda Frost regarding the SAQA booth at the Kansas City Regional Quit Festival.  The booth had a lot of activity and signed up seven  new members.  Thank you, Linda and all volunteers who sat in the booth during the Festival. There were 8 Auction quilts on display in the booth. They elicited many compliments. .  

Cindy B and Cindy P have been working to find a professional photographer local to the Kansas City area that is familiar with shooting art quilts to the SAQA standards…and at a good rate.  We are following up on one so far and Jane Bromberg will contact a photographer who worked for Kansas City Star Ouilt books to ask is he would be interested.  More information to follow.  

Cindy B and Cindy P are planning for the next exhibit to travel in the Region beyond Kansas City in the summer of 2019. So far we have a confirmation from the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art in St. Joseph Missouri for June 12-September 13 of 2020.  We are now looking for venues in Oklahoma and further west in Kansas to fill the time in between.  We have visited the Sabitini Gallery in Topeka and Cindy P will visit one or two in Oklahoma.  More to follow.  

An Exhibit Committee with be formed in early 2018 to decide on a theme and plan the details.

Cindy B and Cindy P have been in contact with the Rep from Iowa with the idea to collaborate on the exhibit.  More to follow.

Cindy P has arranged for our region to have a SAQA Trunk show in Sept./Oct./Nov. of 2018.  She’s contacted 16 guilds in the region with a proposal to introduce SAQA and art quilting to their membership.  The presentation will include a 12-minute video about SAQA, the Trunk show exhibit, and local SAQA members to show examples of their work and speak to their process.  A portion of a speakers fee will be earmarked for our SAQA Regional account.  We will use the account to bring speakers and/or workshops to us.

Cindy B will follow up on the suggestion to send out a Call to all our Regional members for a workshop. UCM has asked if we could offer a workshop during the exhibition in January, plus there will be other opportunities to schedule one at a meeting or a future exhibition. More to follow.  

We would like to exhibit our Region’s 2018 Auction Quilts before sending to SAQA National next year to be posted on the websiteThe Shirley Stiles Gallery in Westwood, KS has space for our auction quilts.  Both Cindy’s visited the venue and took pictures for future reference.  Thanks to Sue Chaffee for her initial contact.   Your 12”x12” quilt is due on March 15, 2018 and can be on any subject. It will be exhibited during April 2018 and then shipped to National.  We encourage everyone to participate. There will likely be a contest between Regions and the one that has the highest percentage of membership participation wins.  The prize has been a dollar amount deposited in to the region’s account.  More money to use for workshops.   More details to follow.  You can see the 2017 Auction Quilts on the SAQA website now.   

Cindy P sent an EM to Jason Pollen to see if he has interest in being a future presenter.  Cindy B has located a large venue which will allow us to hold presentations.
Cindy P has also visited Interurban Art Center’s new venue to check out their workshop space for future reference.  They have tables, chairs and sinks nearby for easy access.  Interurban will charge $40/hr for us to use the space and we may bring in any instructor we choose.  Interurban Art is 8001 Newton Street - Overland Park, KS 66204.  See interurbanarthouse.org.

A couple of other ideas were briefly discussed:  a Zoom meeting to include more members perhaps for the February meeting?  An opportunity quilt?  Cindy P will follow up.

Cindy P shared her experience with Superior/Micro thread, and then Show and Share.  

Future Meetings:  Nov. 18, 2017, Feb. 17, May 19, Aug. 18, Nov. 17, 2018

Cathy Audley won the drawing for SAQA Portfolio #19