Tuesday, June 19, 2018

SAQA KS/MO/OK Regional: May 19, 2018 Meeting Notes.

The meeting starting with introductions. There were 15 attending including 4 guests.
One of the guests, Merete Veian is a SAQA member all the way from Norway. She has
been visiting the US for a couple of weeks and we were lucky to have her join us.
Cindy P and Cindy B shared their impressions of the SAQA Annual Conference in April
in San Antonio, Texas. The first two days were devoted to Representative activities and
workshops. It was an opportunity to network with other reps and share their successes
and lessons learned. The conference was packed with speakers, Breakout Sessions
and a favorite – Lighting Talks, 16 fast and focused presentations, each only 6 minutes
long, and on a wide range of topics. If you get an opportunity to go to next year’s
conference, take it. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly and it’s in San Jose,

Cindy B announced an Oklahoma venue has agreed to show our 2019 exhibit
‘de.light/Full’. Modella Gallery in Stillwater, Oklahoma has confirmed the dates of
November 7 – December 14, 2019. As a reminder: de.light/Full premiers July 12, 2019
at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City, Missouri. It will then travel to the
Modellla Art Gallery, in Stillwater, Oklahoma. It is also scheduled at the Albrecht-
Kemper Museum of Art, in St Joseph, Missouri June 13 – September 13, 2020.
We have approached two venues in Indiana. Stay tuned.

Cindy B talked briefly about transitioning the next Regional Reps. It’s not too early to
consider stepping up and playing a bigger role in our activities and/or planning on
becoming the next Regional Rep(s). If interested, you are welcome to shadow us at
any time. We generally meet for at a Panera once a month to talk over what we want to
do and split up the tasks going forward. Most of the behind the scenes work is done
with email.

( Cindy – I don’t remember exactly - Karen Hansen stepped up for ? Avis and Claudia
volunteered to oversee the 2019 Auction Quilt/Small works exhibits? Claudia joined
SAQA right? I don’t think Avis has yet)

Linda Frost gave a ‘Member Spotlight’ presentation. Her transition from her earlier art
quilt experience to her current work is truly inspiring. Everyone commented on her color
choices and use of hand stitching to enhance each piece. (Can you add to this?)

The group shared “Show and Tell” and a couple volunteered to have their piece
critiqued by the group.

Our door prize went to Jane Bonachi. Next meeting will be on August 18 th .

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

SAQA Regional Quarterly 2/17/18 Meeting Notes

We met at the Central Resource Library in Overland Park, Kansas at 1pm and started with a welcoming and introductions.  There were 14 members in attendance.

The ‘business’ portion of the meeting included a discussion of the Auction Quilts.  Cindy P and Cindy B combined the 12x12s received with a couple of extra quilts from member to create a ‘Small Works’ Exhibit at the Shirley Stiles Gallery in Westwood Kansas.  There were 19 quilts in all. See photos on Facebook. The show was very well received, and we are considering doing it again next year.

The Auction Quits will also be on display at the KAW Valley Quilt Guild Show in Lawrence Kansas April 7 & 8.

Immediately after the KAW Valley Quilt Guild show, a great majority of these pieces will go directly to Harper’s for exhibit for about a month approximately April 11 to May 11.   After that, all exhibitors will be contacted to be confirm disposition of their 12x12’s: return to maker or send on to SAQA annual auction.

Cindy P made a request for more Auction Quilts from our region.

Jim Brown gave our first ‘Member Spotlight’ presentation.  He had been selected by the Director at the UCM Gallery of Art and Design to give a presentation to the students and we asked him to give the same presentation at our meeting.  He talked about his background as an architect, his introduction to quilting, and brought a number of his amazing quilts that show his artistic progression and skill as an artist.   It was a very interesting presentation and we very much appreciated seeing his body of work.

Linda Frost graciously accepted an invitation to be our next Member Spotlight at the May meeting.   We look forward to that and hope you can attend.

Anyone interested in a future Member Spotlight presentation, just let us know.  

We are a large region and our members are pretty far flung.  Starting with the next newsletter, we hope to have 2-3 member bios.  We may never meet some of our members but we’d like to know who they are and not just a name on a roster.  Cindy P will be contacting members and asking them to write a bio (up to a page) including information about their art work and experience, of course, but also about their family life, other interests … anything they’d like us to know about them including a photo or two of the member and a piece of their work if they so choose.  Names will literally be pulled from a hat (okay, maybe a bowl) then Cindy P will ask those members to please write their bio for inclusion in the next newsletter. Each of those members will have about 6-8 weeks to submit it to Cindy P.

We had another critique exercise and discussion with the group. The intention is to feel more comfortable with the concept of critiquing and being on the receiving end of a critique.  

Then we did Show and Share.  Several attendees brought current works.  Cindy B showed a small quilt titled ‘Ancient Chinese Ruins’ and also brought the drawings and images she used as inspiration and during the process of creating the piece.  

Our next quarterly meeting is May 19.  

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

SAQA KS/MO/OK Region 11/18/2017 Meeting Minutes

There were 12 SAQA artists at the meeting including a couple guests.  Thank you to everyone who came. You made the meeting a great one.

Member’s news included a first-time solo exhibition by Jackie Stoaks in Shawnee, Kansas.  Congratulations Jackie!

There was a brief discussion on efforts to bring an outside presenter to a meeting in 2018.  Cindy B and Cindy P are still working to make that happen. If there are any KS/MO/OK regional members that have prepared a presentation or workshop and would be interested in presenting to the members please let us know.  

Cindy B spoke on efforts to find an affordable photographer familiar with fiber art.  The images submitted with a Call for Entry are very important and you want to make sure the images submitted are sharp and meet all requirements. We interviewed 3 photographers local to Kansas City.  Generally, we found the cost to shoot a quilt and receive the full and detail digital images asked for in SAQA Calls varies depending on volume. The cost was as low as $10 per quilt up to $600 for a half day in the studio. If you would like to know the names of the 3 we talked to let me know and I’ll send you more specific info. In all cases the quilt artist should be very specific about the digital requirements and expect to help make sure the quilt hangs properly for the shoot.  One photographer had a board to pin the quilt on and another asked that the quilts have sleeves. Always call ahead to discuss it with the photographer beforehand and get a quote. Also, if you know of any professional photographer in our region that is experienced with fiber art please post in Facebook. And remember information on the SAQA website is very helpful for those that want to learn how to light and shoot their own work.

Regarding the upcoming exhibit of our 12” x 12” Auction quilts. We will exhibit our Region’s 2018 Auction Quilts before forwarding to SAQA National for their Auction website.  The venue is The Shirley Stiles Gallery in Westwood, KS. Your 12”x12” quilt is due no later than March 15, 2018 and can be on any subject. It will be exhibited during April 2018 and then shipped to National.  We encourage everyone to participate. There is a contest between Regions and the one that has the highest participation wins. The prize has been a dollar amount deposited in to the region’s account and that means more money to use for workshops.  You can see the 2017 Auction Quilts on the SAQA website. If you get your quilt and artist statement to us by mid-January we can get it to them in time to select one or two in their city newsletter.  CONTACT ME and I’ll give you info on where to ship.

Don’t forget our Changing Landscapes exhibit at The Gallery of Art and Design at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO.  The exhibit will be there January 8, - February 3, 2018. Another opportunity for everyone to see it. There will be an opening reception on or about January 10th.  Date to be confirmed.  

An Exhibit Committee for our 2019-2020 SAQA Regional Exhibit, will be formed in early 2018 to plan the details and timeline. Please consider joining us to make this exhibit a great one.  The first decision we’ll make as a group is the theme. You will want to be there. We already have two venues secured for this exhibit and we are working on finding at least one more in Oklahoma.

We had a show and tell session and then discussed how to properly critique artwork. Two members held up quilts for the group to use as practice.  We had a lot of fun with it.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Workshop Opportunity at the Gallery of Art and Design at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri

Our ‘Changing Landscapes’ exhibit is moving to the Gallery of Art and Design at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri for an exhibit in January 2018. 

During the exhibit UCM would like to bring one of the SAQA artists to the campus for a workshop with art students. They are looking for a SAQA artist to give a workshop/presentation to a class of Fiber Arts students. It will take place on a Tuesday or Thursday during the exhibit.  The class time is 8am - 10:45am and your presentation should last approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours. If you have developed a workshop and/or are interested in presenting and discussing your work to the students let me know.  

Please email to me a proposal or a detailed description of what you would present and/or demonstrate to the students. The Gallery Director at UCM will make the final decision. 

UMC's budget is limited. There will be an honorarium for the artist but they cannot reimburse expenses. If you are interested but would need to travel a distance and stay overnight in the area, let me know.  I am also planning to attend and can offer a guest room in Overland Park.  The Director can also provide an overnight accommodation in a guest room at their Warrensburg home for any long distance artists.   We’ll figure it out.   

Cindy Brendzel and Cindy Parry
Co Reps SAQA KS/MO/OK Region 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August 19, 2017 Regional Meeting Minutes

Studio Art Quilt Associates
Meeting Minutes for August 19, 2017
87th Street Central Library, Overland Park, KS

Welcome and introductions:  Cindy Brendzel and Cindy Parry are the new KS/MO/OK Regional Reps.  There were 14 members attending, including one visitor and two new members!  Welcome Karen Moore and Jane Bromberg

We re-capped the ‘Changing Landscapes’ exhibit at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  Everyone agreed it was a show to be proud of. Leedy-Voulkos is interested in having us back in 2019.  They are in the process of making some internal changes, so we agreed to follow up with them in writing to confirm the June and July slot in 2019.  Cindy B will follow up.

There are 21 artists and 32 pieces representing the KS/MO/OK Region. Those artists have already been notified of the exhibit moving to the Gallery of Art and Design at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO.  The exhibit will be there January 8, through February 3, 2018. Another opportunity for everyone to see it.  

Many thanks to Mary Kay Fosnacht and Karen Hanson for their excellent work in leading the KS/MO/OK Region for the past 2 years, and especially  their efforts on the ‘Changing Landscapes’ exhibit. Everything went smoothly.

Cindy P read a report from Linda Frost regarding the SAQA booth at the Kansas City Regional Quit Festival.  The booth had a lot of activity and signed up seven  new members.  Thank you, Linda and all volunteers who sat in the booth during the Festival. There were 8 Auction quilts on display in the booth. They elicited many compliments. .  

Cindy B and Cindy P have been working to find a professional photographer local to the Kansas City area that is familiar with shooting art quilts to the SAQA standards…and at a good rate.  We are following up on one so far and Jane Bromberg will contact a photographer who worked for Kansas City Star Ouilt books to ask is he would be interested.  More information to follow.  

Cindy B and Cindy P are planning for the next exhibit to travel in the Region beyond Kansas City in the summer of 2019. So far we have a confirmation from the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art in St. Joseph Missouri for June 12-September 13 of 2020.  We are now looking for venues in Oklahoma and further west in Kansas to fill the time in between.  We have visited the Sabitini Gallery in Topeka and Cindy P will visit one or two in Oklahoma.  More to follow.  

An Exhibit Committee with be formed in early 2018 to decide on a theme and plan the details.

Cindy B and Cindy P have been in contact with the Rep from Iowa with the idea to collaborate on the exhibit.  More to follow.

Cindy P has arranged for our region to have a SAQA Trunk show in Sept./Oct./Nov. of 2018.  She’s contacted 16 guilds in the region with a proposal to introduce SAQA and art quilting to their membership.  The presentation will include a 12-minute video about SAQA, the Trunk show exhibit, and local SAQA members to show examples of their work and speak to their process.  A portion of a speakers fee will be earmarked for our SAQA Regional account.  We will use the account to bring speakers and/or workshops to us.

Cindy B will follow up on the suggestion to send out a Call to all our Regional members for a workshop. UCM has asked if we could offer a workshop during the exhibition in January, plus there will be other opportunities to schedule one at a meeting or a future exhibition. More to follow.  

We would like to exhibit our Region’s 2018 Auction Quilts before sending to SAQA National next year to be posted on the websiteThe Shirley Stiles Gallery in Westwood, KS has space for our auction quilts.  Both Cindy’s visited the venue and took pictures for future reference.  Thanks to Sue Chaffee for her initial contact.   Your 12”x12” quilt is due on March 15, 2018 and can be on any subject. It will be exhibited during April 2018 and then shipped to National.  We encourage everyone to participate. There will likely be a contest between Regions and the one that has the highest percentage of membership participation wins.  The prize has been a dollar amount deposited in to the region’s account.  More money to use for workshops.   More details to follow.  You can see the 2017 Auction Quilts on the SAQA website now.   

Cindy P sent an EM to Jason Pollen to see if he has interest in being a future presenter.  Cindy B has located a large venue which will allow us to hold presentations.
Cindy P has also visited Interurban Art Center’s new venue to check out their workshop space for future reference.  They have tables, chairs and sinks nearby for easy access.  Interurban will charge $40/hr for us to use the space and we may bring in any instructor we choose.  Interurban Art is 8001 Newton Street - Overland Park, KS 66204.  See interurbanarthouse.org.

A couple of other ideas were briefly discussed:  a Zoom meeting to include more members perhaps for the February meeting?  An opportunity quilt?  Cindy P will follow up.

Cindy P shared her experience with Superior/Micro thread, and then Show and Share.  

Future Meetings:  Nov. 18, 2017, Feb. 17, May 19, Aug. 18, Nov. 17, 2018

Cathy Audley won the drawing for SAQA Portfolio #19

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

May Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes

Kansas City Area Meeting

May 20, 2017

14 members present, 0 guests
Location: Karen Hansen’s home, Overland Park, KS

1.      Introductions - 2 new members; Rosemary Cromer and Rosemary Hopkins – welcome!
2.      Linda Frost gave an update on the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival (KCRQF) June 15, 16, 17. SAQA will be in booth #122
a.      Contact Linda to help tend the booth – lots of times are still available.
b.      Linda will have 2 passes available to volunteers to hand off to each other.
c.       Linda collected 12 x 12 auction quilts to be hung in the booth **please remember to register your auction quilt on line by June 1st! Please contact Linda if you would still like to donate or show a 12x12 quilt in the booth.
                                                              i.      Auction quilt donors: Carmen Rinehart – Kansas Sunset, Rosemary Hopkins – Blue Hydrangea, Linda Frost – Danger Fish, James Brown – Jackson 1, Kathy Suprenant – You Are My Sunshine, Jackie Stoaks – Mini Blue, Cindy Parry – Enduring, Karen Hansen – Life Lessons, Cindy Brendzel – Fan Lights, Ruth Powers had 2, but I didn’t get the titles, and Carol Jones turned in a piece earlier. Thank you all!
d.      We will not be selling anything in the booth except for SAQA memberships, however, we will have cards with the Leedy-Voulkos exhibit info and sample books.
3.      Thanks to Cindy Parry and Cindy Brendzel for stepping up to be the next regional co-reps! They will begin their term as of August 1st.
4.      Lincoln Conference Highlights – 4 members present at the meeting were able to attend the conference; Cindy Parry, Ruth Powers, Karen Hansen and Mary Kay Fosnacht. (Cindy Brendzel also attended the conference) We shared what we personally thought were highlights:
a.      The regional reps meeting before the conference was packed full of information, there were brainstorming sessions, leadership tips and much more.
b.      The one day tour of the Quilt Study Center and Museum was excellent and there was a side trip to the university’s apparel storage where they pulled out pieces of interest and a small group session with Michael James.
c.       The “lightning talks” were fascinating. Artists present 20 slides for 20 seconds each representative of their work or studio practice. Here is a LINK to a webinar where Lightning talks were featured.
5.      Karen Hansen gave a budget update and reported on the exhibit expenses. We should have approximately $200 left in the budget when the exhibit is over. In addition, all proceeds from the exhibit catalog will be credited to our region.
6.      Exhibit marketing and advertising
a.      Approximately half of the available post cards have been distributed for various venues and guilds. If you need some, contact Karen or Mary Kay.
b.      Business size cards will be available at KCRQF to be handed out.
c.       The amazing exhibit catalog is available on Amazon. Please share the link!
d.      Cindy Brendzel has completed the bio book and it will be on display at Leedy-Voulkos during the exhibit.
e.      All artists and regional members are encouraged to share the exhibit info through their social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. (see the 8 ½ x 11 flyer below) I misspoke at the meeting when I said you could share the postcard via our Facebook page. Since we are a “Secret” group, we cannot share anything that is not “public” – for ex. Amazon links are public, so those are allowed.       So… download the flyer below and post or email or print it, OR you can download the postcard from the BLOG to share the postcard.
7.      Show and Tell – Fabulous as always!
a.      Rosemary Cromer – A World of Square Corners, Diversity is Rich and Beautiful in Our Lives, plus a 3rd quilt
b.      Ruth Powers – Layers
c.       Linda Frost – examples of dyed and painted quilts
d.      Rosemary Hopkins – Genealogy, English History
e.      James Brown – Soaring Kites using Grummon thread
f.        Cindy Parry – Identity Crisis
g.      Andrea Luliak – example of oatmeal resist, plus another quilt
8.      Quilts were also shown and turned in for the exhibit.
9.      Mary Kay Fosnacht gave a demo of Inktense pencils and blocks. If you would like the list of colors with their lightfast number, email Mary Kay.
10.  Lunch was provided by Karen and Mary Kay
11.  Thanks to Karen for hosting!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Postcard and Catalog for Our Changing Landscape

Hi All, the catalog for our upcoming regional show is now available on Amazon (link below if you want to share it with anyone else).  You can get it for $10, and proceeds go to our regional SAQA group who will be able to use the funds to help support future shows.  The postcard (front and back) for the show is shown below, feel free to download and distribute it to help drum up publicity.

Special thanks to the organizers, especially Karen Hansen and Mary Kay Fosnacht for all their hard work putting this together, and if you have a quilt in the show don't forget to send it/drop it off!

Hope to see everyone at the closing reception on July 29th.