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Call for Entry: Regional Showcase

Hi All,

It's time to start thinking in earnest about submissions for the upcoming SAQA regional showcase our fabulous regional reps have organized.  If you haven't already submitted your entry (the deadline is February 28th), all the information is below.  I encourage all our regional members to participate, we want to have a great turnout!


Studio Art Quilt Associates          KS  MO  OK Regional Showcase

Showcase Title:     Midwest Metaphors:  A SAQA Ks Mo Ok Region Showcase

Gallery:     Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, 2012 Baltimore, Kansas City, MO 64108

Dates:     May 1 (First Friday), 2015 through Sat. June 27, 2015

General Exhibit Description 
Theme:     The subject/theme of this Showcase is - Art which each artist feels is representative of their personal experience of living and making art in the Midwest.

Curator:      Ada Niedenthal, Regional Co-Rep for Ks Mo Ok Region, in conjunction with the Exhibition Committee consisting of Cindy Brendzel, Mary Kay Fosnacht, Karen Hansen, Leslie Holmes, and Cynthia Parry.

Eligible to enter:     Current members (as of Jan 2015) of the Ks, Mo, Ok Region of SAQA.
Each Member may enter one (1) piece.    We have approximately 65 members.  If fewer than a total of 30 pieces are entered, the Exhibition Committee reserves the right to request additional art pieces from already entered artists.

Art work size restrictions:     Maximum height - 48”;  Maximum width - 40”.  Minimum height - 24”;  Minimum width - 18”.
Each piece of work submitted must fulfill the definition of an art quilt established by Studio Art Quilt Associates:  A creative visual work of art that is layered and stitched or that references this form of layered and stitched construction.  Made predominantly of fabric or fabric-like material.  All work must be the result of original design and independent effort.
          New work is encouraged.

Hanging Sleeve Guidelines:  Hanging sleeves should be 7” to 8” in circumference, and 1” shorter than the width of the art quilt.  Sew the sleeve securely to back of quilt, centered, approximately 1/2” from the top edge.

Shipping Guidelines:  After Entry Submissions are received, the Curator will email a Notification to each artist with directions for getting the art work to the Exhibition Committee.
Art work can be either mailed or hand delivered.  When sending art, roll it up using swimming noodles or something similar.  Clearly label everything the artist wants returned; the sleeve, noodle, sheets, plastic, etc.  The return postage along with a mailing label must be included with the art quilt unless the artist notes in writing that they will be attending the Closing Reception and picking up their own art.

Mail Art to:    Ada Niedenthal, 8050 Monrovia St., Lenexa, KS  66215
Hand Deliver Art to:    Marnie Clawson, 2801 W. 98th Street, Leawood, KS  66206

All art work must be in the hands of the Curator/Exhibition Committee by March 21, 2015.

Entry Submission  (must be received by February 28, 2015)
Artist Information:
First and Last Name:
Mailing Address:
Artist Bio:  (one 8-1/2 x 11 page of biographical information about the artist)
Information about Art Piece:
Size:  height x width, in inches
Artist Statement:  35 to 50 words; (may include materials and techniques)
Sale Price in Dollars:
Insurance Value in Dollars:

Submit two overall, full image, 4 x 6 photographs of your piece of art work. 
(These images will be used to pre-arrange the installation of the show,and be kept as a  record of the show.  In addition, they will be on display during the show.)
On the back of each photograph indicate the Top, and the dimensions of the piece.
Also include the Artist name, address, phone, and email.

Terms and Conditions:
The artist agrees to lend specific art work to the specified venue for the specified time.  Works accepted must remain available for the entire length of the Show and cannot be withdrawn before the end of the Show schedule for any reason.
Withdrawal after submission but before the Show opens will result in a forfeiture of the entry fee.
The Exhibition Committee reserves the right to reject entries that do not meet all of the requirements outlined in the Call for Art, including size requirements.  The decision of the Exhibition Committee is final.
The artist will be solely responsible for getting their art piece to the venue to which this showcase travels.  This includes shipping.  The artist (or a representative of the artist) may personally hand-deliver the piece her/himself.  If the artist cannot deliver the piece to arrive in time to be hung with the rest of the pieces, the Exhibition Committee reserves the right to exclude that piece from the show and the artist forfeits their entry fee.

All art must be For Sale.  Leedy-Voulkos will receive a 50% commission, and only the venue will take a commission.
Upon receipt of a complete Entry Submission, a Notification, along with a Leedy-Voulkos Contract, will be sent to each individual artist.

Fee:   $  30     Enclosed         Fee will be in form of a check made payable to SAQA.

Signature:  ______________________________________     Date:  _________________

Printed Name:  __________________________________

Mail Entry Submission (include Bio., Artist Statement, Price, Photographs, Fee, Signature) to:     Ada Niedenthal, 8050 Monrovia St, Lenexa Ks  66215 

Entry Open                                             April 16, 2014
Deadline for Entry                                  February 28, 2015
       (must include Entry Submission, Bio page, Artist Statement, Price, Photographs, Fee, and Signature)
Notification of Receipt                            March 11, 2015   (by email)
Art Pieces to the Exhibition Comm.       March 21, 2015   (mail or hand deliver)
Hang the show                                       April 27 - 29, 2015
Showcase Opens                                   May 1, 2015 (First Friday)
Showcase Closes                                  June 27, 2015
Closing Reception                                  June 27, 2015 from 3:00 to 5:00
Take down the show                              June 27, 2015 after 5:00
       (Artists are responsible for the return of their own art.)

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