Friday, May 23, 2014

Fiberworks 2014 Opening

Several of our regional artists from Oklahoma had pieces accepted into Fiberworks 2014 which opened last Friday at the Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery at 706 W. Sheridan in Oklahoma City.  The show runs through June 10th, so check it out if you missed the opening.

I saw Janice Filler, Cherrie Hampton, and Charlotte Hickman from our region at the opening, apologies if there were other SAQA members there who I didn't get to meet!  Here are a few pictures I took while there (sorry for the crummy quality- I only had my phone with me!).

Charlotte Hickman with her piece.

Janice Filler with her piece.

Cherrie Hampton (left) with her piece.

Cherrie's fabulous piece was a collaboration between her (left with her fiber representation on the left) and Millicent Gillogly, a ceramicist (right).  It was really cool to see the same idea interpreted in two different media.

Andrea Luliak (I loved the dimension in this one!)

Me (Shannon) with one of my pieces

Barbara Tobin's piece

Barbara Tobin's piece (above) won the Award of Merit for best quilt at the show (congratulations!) and it was really a beautiful piece.  

That isn't her in the picture,  in the picture are shown Janice Filler and Karen Collier, the two Fiber Artists of Oklahoma members who were in charge of the show.  I know it was a ton of work, and they really did an outstanding job putting it all together!

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